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If you are new to the Zebra Manufacturing Advisory Council, welcome! You have been selected to join this prestigious group of peers, and we look forward to working and strategizing with you in 2016. Towards the end of every quarter, you will receive an update such as this to keep you informed of happenings in Zebra's business.
For current members who were able to attend the Manufacturing Advisory Council webinar on Wednesday, May 25th—thank you! Our first virtual meeting proved to be a success, and we plan to continue this practice moving forward. If you were unable to attend, don't worry—you can access the presentation and a link to the recording below. Please contact your Zebra rep should you have any issues accessing these materials.
Our next Advisory Council event (September 14 - 16), where we all meet in person, is fast approaching. We have several exciting things planned, such as a full day working session inside Wrigley Field. Additionally, with the goal of creating a group facilitated exercise, we'll give you the opportunity to collaborate with one of our Zebra thought leaders on a topic of your choice. This is YOUR meeting, though, and we want to make sure you get the most out of it. Please take a few minutes to complete the below questionnaire so we can tailor September's meeting to your interests.
If you have not done so already, please register for the event in September.
In closing, I thank you for your continued partnership and look forward to seeing you during our meeting in September and/or on site at one of your facilities in the near future. If you have any comments or questions, please reach out to your Zebra rep and they will assist you accordingly.

Chris Kelly
VP, NA Manufacturing and Transportation and Logistics Sales

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Increase Hands-Free Performance Without Complexity
Experience superhuman productivity gains in your warehouse! Launching on June 30th, Zebra's new hands-free wearable solutions have everything your workers need to pick more orders, more accurately, every day. The Total Wearable Solutions include:
  • The WT6000 Android rugged wearable computer
  • The RS6000 1D/2D Bluetooth or RS4000 1D corded ring scanners
  • The HS3100 Bluetooth or HS2100 corded headsets
Say you wanted to go all wireless, its easy - with NFC, just tap to pair the RS6000 and HS3100 with the WT6000. We aren't done yet… to complete the solution we bring in multi-modality. With Zebra's TekSpeech Pro 4 you can quickly and easily create a multi-modal speech-directed picking application that marries speech with all data capture capabilities. As a result you could experience up to a 15% boost in your workers productivity and 39% fewer errors than typical voice-only solutions! Intrigued? Click on the video below.
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Experience Unstoppable Performance
When it comes to capturing bar codes in the warehouse and on the manufacturing production line, every second counts — speed and accuracy is directly related to your workforce's productivity, your throughput, and the quality of your products and your customer service. Introducing the industry's first complete line of corded and cordless ultra-rugged scanners — Zebra's DS3600 Series. Redefine industrial scanning with new standards for rugged design, scanning performance and manageability. The result is the unstoppable performance — faster-and-farther-than-ever data capture, with unprecedented scanner uptime and a low total cost of ownership. For more information click on the video.
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Ribbon Loading Made Easy
A very innovative Zebra thermal transfer printer was introduced earlier this year… the ZD420 is the easiest thermal transfer printer to load on the market, period. The simplicity of the ZD420's ribbon cartridge takes the time and trouble out of replacing your printer ribbon. Regardless of experience level, your workers can replace the ribbon and get back to work in seconds — with significantly fewer support calls to IT. This printer can be used where longer lasting, more durable labels need to be produced to withstand tough environments. Manufacturing applications include product compliance and identification labels, asset tags, warehouse labeling, and others. Want proof? Click on the video to the right that compares the ease of loading the ZD420 ribbon vs. a competitor's product.
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With Greater Vantage Point, A Greater Advantage
Introducing Zebra's new brand; "Visibility That's Visionary" Real time information is the life's blood of today's data-centric world. And with hardware, talking to software, talking to the cloud, only Zebra's intelligent, enterprise-level solutions give you and your workforce connectivity and unrivaled visibility. When you can see what every moving part of your manufacturing operation is doing, you have the tools for building a successful enterprise. That's the byproduct of Zebra's real-time solutions. It gives you unprecedented visibility and the ability to streamline processes, accelerate past production targets and deliver flawless fulfillment. Check out our new brand message!
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You can also check out what Tom Bianculli, Zebra's VP of Enterprise Technology Office, has to say about the manufacturing vision for the future in the video below.
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