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Good Morning/Afternoon,

If I have not met you, I would first like to formally introduce myself as the new VP of North America Manufacturing Sales at Zebra. My previous role within the company was VP of North America Transportation and Logistics Sales. This year we have decided to combine both the Manufacturing and Transportation and Logistics sales teams under one roof due to the cross vertical synergies. Randy Briley has moved into a different role within the company and we wish him all the best. Randy shared with me his passion for this prestigious group, and I want to carry that torch and build a successful working relationship with you in 2016.

As we continue our partnership and begin to execute this year's activities, I ask for your participation in a brief survey below. We would like to get your input on the upcoming events we have planned for you this year to make sure they are of interest to you and available at a convenient time. Likewise, we are interested to see if you plan to attend MODEX this year. Zebra will have a great booth showcasing some of our newest product offerings (more on Zebra's involvement at MODEX below).

In closing, I want to thank you for your continued partnership and look forward to meeting you soon, if not at MODEX, then out on site at one of your facilities in the near future.


Chris Kelly
VP, NA Manufacturing and Transportation and Logistics Sales

Give us your feedback: Manufacturing Advisory Council Questionnaire
  The evolution of mobile computing brings productivity to the warehouse

Hidden wasteful motions negatively impact you workers' productivity and throughput every day. After each scan, they typically tilt their wrist to validate the scan on the screen. Scan — Tilt, Scan — Tilt. This repetitive motion steals almost an hour of your employee's productivity per day! The evolutionary TC8000 addresses this productivity killer with an ergonomic design that keeps your worker and their scan within the line of sight. Attesting to this productivity gain, the TC8000 has been tested to increase your worker's productivity by an average of 14%! Intrigued? Click on the video below.

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  Discover the TC8000
  Unstoppable performance is on the horizon

Industrial operations cannot afford to stop in your workplace which is why you invest in rugged solutions built to operate under the toughest conditions. We are raising the bar of our scanning technologies by creating an entirely new family of industrial handheld scanners that will excel in the most extreme working environments. The wait is almost over! Stop by Zebra's booth at MODEX in Atlanta April 4th-7th to experience this superior performance, ultra-rugged durability, and unrivaled manageability. Click the below video for a sneak peek view.

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  Zebra at MODEX 2016

As mentioned previously, Zebra will have a strong presence this year at MODEX! In this "Year of the Warehouse" we are demonstrating our investment in innovative solutions to solve your company's warehouse challenges. If you are planning to attend, stop by booth #2127 to experience our next generation warehouse solutions. We will have many unique offerings this year, including interactive demos where you can show off your competitive spirit with the TC8000 and our new industrial scanners.

If you have not registered and would like to attend, please register here and contact your Zebra rep to schedule some time to tour our booth. After the first day of MODEX concludes on Monday night, April 4th, we welcome you to attend our 2nd Annual Beer & Bacon Tasting Customer Appreciation Event. For more information on both the show and the evening event, please contact your Zebra rep.

  Zebra Makes Fast Company's List of Most Innovative Companies

READ: Press Release

In February, Fast Company released its Most Innovative Companies for 2016 list, and we are pleased to announce that Zebra made the list! Zebra earned a spot in the Sports sector this year which highlighted the NFL on-field RFID player tracking solution.

This same patented RFID tracking and location solutions technology not only benefits the NFL, but also can help you and your company make informed business decisions with visibility that is visionary.

"From the field of play to the manufacturing floor, we can help you gain greater visibility into your operations and achieve higher levels of growth and efficiency"
- Jill Stelfox, VP, Location Solutions


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